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This group holds the record for the most annual reunion luncheons over the longest period of time!!
73rd annual reunion September 2017 at South Hills Country Club
72nd September 2016 at South Hills Country Club, 90th Birthday!
71st on September 12, 2015,  70th September 12, 2014,
69th was held September 7, 2013,

Contact:   Marion Nelson Johnson  412-276-1818


90th Birthday Party August 15, 2018 at South Hills Country Club
Annual luncheon, August 2, 2017 at South Hills Country Club
70th Reunion was held 2016
65th Luncheon held 2011 at Calabria’s   

Contact:  Jack Frank, 1724 Hallowell St, 15210  412-881-7359


2017 at SHHSAA annual dinner dance at Crowne Plaza
Last mini reunion was held June 2013 near Williamsburg VA. 
2008 in Mobile Alabama
2007 in Pittsburgh
2005 Sarasota FL
2004 in San Antonio TX

Contact: Julianne Addis Biehl or


Take advantage of SHHSAA Annual dinner dance at Crowne Plaza!


64th reunion was held April 26, 2013.  Contacts:  Ruth Anne Harvey, Shirley Schmunk or Nancy Bambraugh 412-481-4059


63rd Reunion luncheon was held September 12, 2013 at the South Hills Country Club in Whitehall.
Contacts:   Virginia Verzella Goldaine
Vera Kalbaugh Avetta




65th reunion in 2017
Casual Lunch was held Friday, October 21, 2016 Crowne Plaza Hotel
Contacts:  Barbara Bell 412-489-5955 Pat Wettstein  412-595-7679
60th held 2012 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Fort Couch Road

Donations for several scholarships in memory of classmate Fred Yee


Callie Henry Christner

Barbara Bell 412-489-5955, Pat Wettstein  412-595-7679


65th  Reunion luncheon September 21, 2018 Crowne Plaza
64th annual luncheon or picnic in August or September 2017
63rd reunion was held August 26, 2016 Peters Place, Bridgeville.
80th Birthday Party (& 62nd reunion) August 28, 2015 Peters Place.
Annual picnic Sept 19, 2014 at the Bethel Park Village Green Park.
60th Reunion held at the South Hills Country Club in September 2013 and Friday catered picnic at the lodge in Scott Township Park.
Bert Lindstrom 412-276-5763
Bill Hengstler  412-303-1327


60th reunion luncheon was held September 20, 2014 at the South Hills Country Club in Whitehall. 
 Pat Mathias Southorn or Burrdena (Burr) Celin at 412-833-0475 


Happy 80th Birthday in 2017
Happy 79th Birthday, was held September 30, 2016 at the Georgetown
60th reunion in 2015. 
Happy 77th Birthday Party was held October 3, 2014 at the Georgetown Center, on E Bruceton Rd in Pleasant Hills. 
Contacts: Joe Gerlach, 412-892-9131
100 White Hampton Lane, Pittsburgh 15236




80th Birthday Party 2019
60th Reunion, September 16, 2017 at The Linden Grove
75th Birthday Party September 20, 2014 Rolling Hills Country Club.
55th reunion donations for two scholarships.
50th reunion Silent Auction yielded 1 ½ scholarships.
Contacts:  Jack Ashworth,  412-207-2601
Ed Heinsius  602-803-1854

Jan Parker, 270-970-2475


60th Reunion luncheon September 15, 2018 South Hills Country Club
Contact:  Don McCormick, 112 Old Glory Lane, Sewickley PA  15143 (412)-264-1889



Held 55th Reunion Friday, September 19, 2014 at LeMont Restaurant on Mt. Washington.  Contacts:  Bernice Meyer Goodall  412-251-4917 or Peggy Stacy Fox
Held their 50th at South Hills Country Club in 2009


Held 55th Reunion September 13, 2015 buffet banquet at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Sept 12 bus tour to Que Creek Mine.
A casual covered dish picnic was held June 15, 2013 at the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum near the Meadowlands. 
Their 50th was held 2010 at the Sheraton Hotel in Station Square.  It was a packed week-end that included a bus trip to Pittsburgh sites and a trolley ride.

Contact:  Norman Voigt




55th was held September 16, 17, 2016 PaPa J’s in Carnegie and Jugo-Slav Club, Pennsylvania Av, Bethel Park.

50th South Hills Country Club


Betty Donohue Ahear, 924 Lindenwood Dr, 15234  412-561-4460


55th held September 30, 2017 at Double Tree Hotel, Meadowlands
50th held September 2012 at the Doubletree in Meadowlands.  Donated 3 scholarships in memory of classmate Charles L. Raiford.
This lucky class had Mrs. Chickwak’s original chipped ham sandwiches at their Friday meet & greet!
Contacts: Linda Craig Stocker
Noreene Genellie Brown
Donna McIntosh Sprandle

50th reunion donated 3 scholarships in memory of classmate Charles L. Raiford.


55th Reunion fall 2018

Jan & June Classes Sept 28th Crowne Plaza Hotel (1-5pm) Rooms: call by Aug 29 for discount price.

The Class of '63 is LOOKING for these folks, please help with any information you have.

Contacts:  Sandi Demas 
Pam Galbraith Christner


70th Birthday Party was held October 21, 2016 Crowne Plaza
50th held June 15, 2014 at Crowne Plaza Hotel
Contacts:  Lucille Hunter  813-03-2718
Bonnie Lauda McMahon  317 Virginia Av, Pittsburh, 15211
Rick Noceti


50th held October 9, 10, 11 in 2015 at Crowne Plaza
Contacts:  Rosemarie Brill, 442 Canterbury Circle, Carnegie PA  15106, 412-200-2036
Thomas Prex, Tom Clark,, Mary Lou Wilhelm Sobolak,


50th reunion July 29, 30, 31, 2016 at Three Rivers Casino Banquet Hall.
Contact:  Myrna Antonio-Hall, 521 New Castle Road, Slippery Rock PA  16057  412-853-1418
Charles Taggert, 526 Hazelwood Av, Pittsburgh 15207
Arlene Cotter Halloran,



50th Reunion held September 23, 2017 Chartiers Country Club
Bonnie Weber Luppe, 635 Aljo Dr 15241  412-914-0681.
Facebook page: SHHS Class of 1967 50th Reunion or



SHHS's Class of 1968 celebrated their 50th Reunion with two events this past June. They started with a Party at The Linden Grove where 84 Grads and Guests enjoyed seeing friends from 50 years ago. The Class dined, imbibed, memorialized those who have passed, honored those veterans who have served, listened to music from their high school years, answered trivia, and even had a sing-along. The following day they attended a Picnic at South Park. 65 Grads and Guests attended the laid-back, and rainless gathering. In all, 64 Grads attended at least one of the events. And a good time was had by all.

A full value scholarship donation is being made by the Class of 1968."
Picnic Photo


The scholarship donation was bolstered by two 50/50 raffles that we had.


The Class of 1968 has set the Month of September in 2023 for their 55th Reunion.  Details will follow. Everyone stay healthy. Keep in contact by email at 

We’ll set up a new Facebook page just for it, but we’ve listed it as an event on our current page: 


50th Reunion is planned for August 24, 2019 at North Shore Casino .
Contact:  Pat Murphy Coulter


Download the Reservation Form



45th Reunion held September 19, 2015 picnic South Park
Casual night held at Dave & Busters, Waterfront 2013.
40th in 2010 at Ramada Inn Greentree.  Donations equaled three SHHSAA scholarships!!!
Contacts: Dave McGee 412-328-6127
Lorraine Loomis Miller



45th planning for June 2016 did not take place.
40th  held at Royal Place Restaurant, Route 88.

Contact:  Deborah Stuart Purse


45th should be 2017


This is a casual get re-acquainted event in preparation for a super blow-out 50th in 2023.

WHERE: Hofbrauhaus Southside

WHEN: Satruday, June 30, 2018
TIME: 7pm
COST: On your own for drinks and bites
RSVP: Rosemary DeSomma Sterner

FACEBOOK:  South Hills High School Class of 1973

Please remember to RSVP me for this event.   We'll need a count and I'll be making name tags.  Also, I'll send you a short bio form for your contact info.


60th Birthday Celebration was held Saturday, August 6, 2016, Buffalo Inn, South Park, Contact:  SHHS ’74 We’re Back, PO Box 25360, Pittsburgh 15220
On Sunday, August 16, 2015 a picnic/party was held at Buffalo Inn, South Park
40th Reunion was held August 9, 2014 from 1 to 8:00pm at South Park Home Economics Building.
 Contacts:  Jeff Sydor  412-481-9749;
Rick Murray  724-678-3999; Kevin Gaughan  412-854-6029


Casual get-together Saturday, December 3, 2016 at 7:30 at Linden Grove, Route 88, Castle Shannon,
40th Reunion held September 4, 2015 Rivers Club, One Oxford Center, Downtown Pittsburgh, Sept 5 Picnic South Park Home Economics Bldg
Contacts:, Susan Milcarek, 125 Ruth St, #417, 15211  412-403-9206 or Lori Tantalo Di Battista
South Hills High School and South Hills High School Alumni


40th Reunion held September 17, 2016 at Cefalo’s in Carnegie.

Contact: Cathy Scheurering Schwartzmiller

Facebook page South Hills High School ’76 Alumni


40th Reunion August 19, 2017 at South Hills Country Club
35th held August 2012 at the South Hills Country Club.
Sue Fitzpatrick-Amrhein 
Facebook: 1977 SHHS Alumni
South Hills High School ’77 Alumni (Pittsburgh)



40th Reunion August 18, 2018
35th held July 27, 2012 at Doubletree by Hilton in Greentree.  The weekend included Friday meet & greet and Sunday picnic.
Contact: Marlene Blasi Masucci  

Facebook: South Hills High School Class of 1978.


Held September 26, 2015 at the Community House in South Park. 
Amy Krywancz-Thomas, 2321 Brevard Rd NE, St Petersburg FL  33704
Johnny Jones or Carolee Christopher 412-951-7113
Facebook:  South Hills High School ‘79/’80/’81 Alumni



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35th Reunion September 16, 2017 Railyard Grill & Tap Room, Bridgeville
30th was held November 2012 at Nevillewood, Presto PA
Contact: Marcy Fischer Schott  412-608-5000


35th Reunion May 19, 2018 Railyard Grill & Tap Room, Bridgeville
30th was held August 2013 at South Park
Contact:  Kim Barron
Facebook:  South Hills High School Class of 1983.


30ish Get Together held weekend of October 3, 2015, Holiday Inn, Uniontown, PA
Contact:  John Niespodzianski
Facebook page South Hills High School  1984-87


Held July 26, 2014
Contacts:  Chuck Stover  Georgene Wright Sevacko

  See Facebook group pages South Hills High School and South Hills High School Alumni


Held Oct 2,3,4, 2015 in Uniontown
Contact:  Kimberly Roell ‘85
SHHS Reunion, 20 Edgecliff Rd, Carnegie 15106
SHHS 2015

Facebook: South Hills High School 1984-87


Occasionally at the Royal Place for Totally 80’s.  Search Facebook group pages.


Searching facebook group pages can be challenging since they can be anything the originator names it.

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