South Hills High School Hall of Fame

Objective:  To identify and honor those who have distinguished themselves through their lifetime achievements and who have contributed to the pride and prestige of the former South Hills High School.

Criteria:  Nominee must be a graduate of SHHS who made a significant achievement at the collegiate and/or professional level.  The nominee should have excelled in one or more of the following: 

Academics, Athletics, The Arts, Business, Health/Medical/Science, Humanities, Military Service, Public Service

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THe 2020 Hall of Fame AND Alumni Banquets have been cancelled(3/16/2020)

SHHSAA Lifetime Achievements Hall of Fame

The SHHSAA Lifetime Achievements Hall of Fame committee is pleased to announce the following alumni will be recognized at the 58th annual banquet on Saturday, April 25, 2020 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Bethel Park PA 15241.

5:00 Registration

6:00 Opening Induction Ceremony

6:30 Buffet Dinner

7:30 Induction Ceremony

8:30 Music & Dancing

2020 Awardees Posthumous Awards Class Champions

Callie Henry Christner ’52 and the ’52 Glue Girls Shirley Mertz Arther, Barbara Laurant Bell, Blondina Scoliere Bellaver, Bernice Shorts Gorman, Nancy Locke Hopkins*, Marilyn Gallagher Keener, Joan Boening Knefelkamp* Mary Garrity Kubus, Connie Camino Murtaugh*, Gloria Goughenour Spowart, Patricia Hershberger Wettstein


Vincent Carr, SHHS Principal 1981 to 1986 Closing

Athletic Hall of Fame



2017 Hall of Fame Inductees

The SHHSAA Hall of Fame committee is pleased that the following alumni who were inducted into the SHHSAA Hall of Fame for their lifetime achievements in 2017.  What a wide-range impact our grads have had!!!
Ronald S. Laneve, Ed.D  6’54 -  football with Coach J. Reed Wehrle kicked off his college football and later head coaching and athletic director career in Maryland; received national recognition for his impact as Principal of the Mark Twain School cutting edge of the public school system serving emotionally disturbed students; founder of Mary’s House home for pregnant girls.  

Patricia Stacy Connolly Keating  6’57 –Health  and Physical Education teacher at SHHS and Brashear received the prestigious Cottrell Award for her dynamic leadership and outstanding contributions to the profession over a 20 year period; president of Allegheny County Association, number of state committees, the first woman selected to be PA State Convention Manager.  

Robert B. Stock  6’58 – major contributor to nation’s scientific advancement through high performance computing; Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center is one of five national centers funded by the National Science Foundation to provide services for the nation’s university, government and industrial researchers for unclassified research.  

Rolf R. Rohn 1’64 – world renown trusted liturgical artist, designer, educator, appraiser and construction consultant with over 2,500 projects in the US and Europe, including the historic Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in lower Manhattan; the scope and impact of his work is inspiring.  

Bonnie Reese, Ph.D  1974 – successful in multiple careers; nationally recognized anthropologist and archeologist; Curator at the National Historic Landmark Meadowcroft Rockshelter and Historic Village, oldest site of human habitation in North America, located in Avella, Washington County, Pennsylvania.  




2016 Inductees to the SHHS Hall of Fame
The SHHSAA Hall of Fame committee is pleased that the following alumni were inducted into the SHHSAA Hall of Fame for their lifetime achievements on Saturday, April 30, 2016.  What a wide-range impact our grads have had!!!

Elsie Redmon Henderson 6’29, with a passion for the culinary arts, graced the kitchens of the Mellons, Kennedys and Heinzes; best known for her work as Fallingwater chef for the Kaufmanns; featured in “The Fallingwater Cookbook: Elsie Henderson’s Recipes & Memories” published in 2008; known in Pittsburgh as the “other Elsie.”

Jacob R. Minsinger 2’44, a city institution having served 55 years with the Pittsburgh Public Schools, grandson of one of Mt. Washington’s earliest original settlers; teacher and principal of several Pittsburgh schools; principal of Conroy Education Center, a then leading edge school serving students with special needs.

James B. Schmunk  2’46 D.Ed, impressive leadership, tireless, professional contributions in virtually every aspect of school functions; teacher, principal, Asst Superintendent, Project Director, Curriculum Director or Head of Educational Center in the Pittsburgh, Baldwin Whitehall, Carlynton, Churchill Area, Allegheny Intermediate School Districts; Chairperson Assoc. of Children with Learning Disabilities since 1984.

John R. Krause, M.D. 6’58, Professor of Pathology/Hematology Medical College of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia); Professor of Pathology University of Pittsburgh; Chairman, Department of Pathology, Tulane University Medical Center; currently Professor of Pathology Baylor University Medical Center (Dallas); teacher; published extensively

Bryant J. Salter 1967, one of greatest cornerbacks at University of Pittsburgh and All American in Track & Field; successful six year career in the NFL; prestigious United States diplomat US State Department of Foreign Service, founded international consulting firm - Business Diplomacy Consulting, LLC. 

Rania L. Harris 6’68, a high-energy local radio and TV personality; has her own “Cookin’ with Rania” show on KDKA-TV channel 2; One of Pittsburgh’s Celebrity Chefs, since 1985 has owned her own business, Rania’s Catering in Mt. Lebanon, serving lunch, featuring her own product line and conducting cooking classes.

Kirk M. Bruce 1971, a standout shooting guard as part of the famed 1973-74 Panthers in one of the greatest college basketball teams to come out of Pitt; drafted by Utah Stars - former American Basketball Association; University of Pittsburgh University of Pittsburgh Athletic Department for more than three decades in both coaching and administration and day-to-day operations of several Olympic sports.

Philip A. Miscimarra  1974, one of five U.S. Senate approved members of the National Labor Relations Board; partner of Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP, senior fellow at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School; J.D. from University of Pennsylvania of Pennsylvania Law School.



The SHHSAA Hall of Fame identifies and honors those who have distinguished themselves through their lifetime achievements and who have contributed to the pride and prestige of the former South Hills High School. 

Early Years

Elsie Redmon Henderson – Culinary Arts – 1929
David H. Miller, BS – Business – 1938


Frank J. Biehl, BS – Medical – 1944
Julieanne Addis Biehl, BS, MA – Visual Arts – 1947
JamesA.Cotten Documented Original Tuskegee Airmen Military‘49
Elmer B. Gray – Athletics – 1941
SHHS Principal Francis L. Haggerty, BS – Academics – June 42
Frank W. Kiel, MD, LL.B, MSBA – Academics – June 47
Ruth White Kiel, BS – Academics – 1947
Eileen Bradford Livingston, Ph.D – Athletics – 1948
Lorenzo Malfatti, DMA – Performing Arts – Feb 42
John McPherson, BS – Military – 1947
Jacob R. Minsinger, BS, ME – Academics – 2’44
Joe Negri, DMA – Performing Arts – 1943
James B. Schmunk, D.Ed – Academics – 2-46


Warren W. Ashburn, BA, BS – Academics – June 57
Edward R. Biehl, PhD – Academics – June 50
Honorable Judge Gerard M. Bigley, JD – Humanities – June 57
Thomas G. Bigley, BS – Business – June 1952
Frank M. Brown, BA – Public Service – 1958
James E. Garman, BA, MA – Humanities - 1956
Robert Gessner, BA – Visual Arts - 1950
John T. Gormley, PhD, PE, F.ASCE – Business – June 57
Colonel Donald Graham, MS – Military – June 57
Joe Hnath, BA – Athletics - 1954
Raymond L. Hooper, MS – Athletics – June 58
Philip Hrabar, CRNA – Public Service – June 57
Ralph A. Jelic, MS – Athletics – 1952
Daniel R. Kanell, MD – Medical Science – June 57
John R. Krause, M.D. – Medical Science – June 58
John C. LaRosa, MD – Medical Sciences – January 58
Rev. Carol Sayenga Lynn, BA, BD – Humanities – 1954
Thomas A. Mansmann, BS – Business – June 52
Harold J. Martin - Athletics – 1958
H. Lee Noble, MBA – Business – January 57
Robert Rawsthorne – Performing Arts – 1952
Charles W. Schmidt, MFA – Visual Arts – January 1957
Richard W. Shipley, BS ID – Visual Arts – June 52
Robert Smith, M.D. – Medical – 1950
Elmer Steuernagel, PhD, DMus – Performing Arts – Feb 1951
Ann Graves Tanksley, BFA – Visual Arts – 1952
Susan Treon, BS – Culinary Arts – June 52
Stephen H. Vonderach, BBA, MBA – Business – 1952
Donald Wade – Performing Arts – 1952
Ernest Wade, PhD – Academics - 1957
Lt. Colonel Herman Wade – Athletics & Military – June 51
Ruby Plummer Wade, Ph.D – Academics – 1952
Art W. Walker, MS – Athletics – Feb 54
Lester A. Wallace, BS – Humanities – June 50
Fred Yee, MS – Athletics – 1952


Louis D. Astorino, BA, FAIAA – Architectural Arts – Feb 64
Raymond Brace, BS IE – Business – 1962
Ronald W. Drach – Military – 1962
Rania L. Harris, BS – Culinary Arts – June 1968
Robert M. Hernandez, MBA – Business – 1962
William H. Hernandez, MS – Business – 1966
Thomas H. Lewis, BS – Public Service - 1962
Roy W. Schaney, BA – Public Service - 1961
Frank Mechura, MBA – Business – Feb 61
Sandra Preuhs, J.D. – Humanities – 1969
Bryant J. Salter, BS – Public Service - 1967
Thomas Tulenko, PhD, CLS, FNLA – Academics – 1961
Jack Wagner, BS – Public Service – 1965
Karl Williams, MD, MPH – Medical Science – 1965


Dennis L. Astorino, BA – Business – 1970
Kirk M. Bruce, BS – Athletics - 1971
Robin Rawsthorne Goldsby, BA – Performing Arts – 1975
Harold Hayes, BS – Humanities – 1971
Jerry L. Minsinger, EdD – Academics – 1971
Philip A. Miscimarra, BS – Public Service - 1974
Janet Necessary, J.D. – Humanities – 1971


These folks are still working on their lifetime achievements!


Kitty Oliver McRoberts – SHHSAA Charter Member – 1935
Donald McCormick – SHHSAA President 22 years – 1958