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"Quiet and Restful Above the Smoke, The History of South Hills High School"

          By Warren W. Ashburn and Janice Simmons Parker           

Here is one "history book" you won't put down until you've read it through ... maybe more than once.  The pictures alone, some we never expected to see of the school's construction and unique features, make the book a delight to own.  No matter how well you think you know this school, you are bound to be fascinated and maybe surprised by the decade-by-decade story of one of Pittsburgh's great old schools.  Researched, written, illustrated and published by South Hills High School graduates*, this book is obviously a work of love.  And with many personal stories submitted from past students of all ages, it is also just plain good fun.

This first-ever history of the school, 18 months in the making, will make delightful reading for every former student, former member of the staff or administration, current resident of the new South Hills Retirement Residence, neighbors of the school and lovers of good stories.  And, best of all, all proceeds from the sale of the book go to the SHHSAA and its scholarship fund.  Discover ...

This is one book you'll want not just for yourself but for family and friends as well.

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* Written by:  Warren W. Ashburn (6'57) and Janice Simmons Parker (6'57)

   Illustrated by:  Charles Schmidt (1'57)       Cover Design, Published by:  John Taylor (6'58)