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Board of Directors

In September 2019, at the annual open board meeting, the following were elected to the board of the South Hills Alumni Association for a two year term.


President, Russ Pontow (1963)

1st Vice President, Dave McGee (1970)

2nd Vice President, Jerry Minsinger (1971)

3rd Vice President, Larry Anderson (1969)

Secretary, Jim Christner (1961)

Treasurer, Janice Simmons Parker (1957)

Donna Kastroll Budday (1963) Ways & Means

Pam Galbreath Christner (1963) Ways & Means

Pat Murphy Coulter (1969) Webmaster

Dorothy Burey Kohler (1957) Hall of Fame

Donald McCormick (1958) Editor Sesame News

Janet Necessary (1971) Hall of Fame

Sandy Preuhs (1969) HOF/Scholarship Banquet

Linda Craig Stocker (1962) Membership

Norm Voigt (1960) Bus Tour Director


Thanks go to the following additional volunteers who have also donated their time and talents in various ways e.g. serving on committees, the Willing Workers or The Glue Girls who really hold everything together!

Warren Ashburn, Barb & Joe Bell, Joan Skinnell Benincasa, Jerry Bigley, Noreene Brown, Lucy Buzzeo, Angelo Cardamone, Ed Christner, Pam Christner, Tom Collier, Pat Murphy Coulter, Nancy Doerzbacher, Sally Donsbach, Bea Finke, Jack Frank, Leo Goode, Bernice and Tom Gorman, Becke Hixswon, Karen Kanell, Donna Killmer, Sandy Woolton Ludman, Joan Knefelkamp, Mary Lou Marzina, Nancy F. McCloskey, Karen McGee, Mary Lou Nellis Miller, Lois Mott, Connie Camino Murtagh, Margy Pontow, Barbara Reilly, Charles Schwarzwaelder, George & Lillian Shuff, Gloria Spowart, Alice Stock, John Taylor, Tom Tinder, Norm Voigt

Willing Workers – Newsletter Mailing, 100 White Hampton Lane, Maiden Bridge Apartment Building, 1st Flr Social Room, Pittsburgh PA  15236


Mailing Address

PO Box 67
Bridgeville PA  15107