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Saddle shoes and bobbie sox, blue shirts and collars,
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There has always been a desire to recognize the star athletes of our youth who provided us with so many chills and thrills on the sports fields.  Competition! Cheer leaders!  Majorettes! Rivalry!  Wins and Losses! Now a never ending source of stories for “remember when …”

The Pittsburgh City League Hall of Fame gave us the idea and we’re going to do it as well!  This First Annual All Sports Hall of Fame will recognize our high school athletes as well as those who excelled in collegiate sports.  On Friday, April 27, 2018, SHHS Alumni will be inducted into the first ever, separate SHHS All Sports Hall of Fame.  Nomination Form

Join us for one or both of the dinners on Friday April 27 and Saturday April 28, 2018.  For two nights SHHS alumni rule Crowne Plaza!! RESERVATION FORM

The All Sports Hall of Fame Committee is pleased to announce the following who will be inducted at the Friday, April 27, 2018 All Sports Hall of Fame banquet.  6:00 Opening Welcome, 6:30 Buffet Dinner, 7:30 Induction


Ulna Calloway  ‘61
Ronald Gray  ‘53
John Carr  '61
Ed Heinsius  ‘57
Margo Hinton  ‘85
Robert Holmes  ‘61
Dr. Daniel Kanell  ‘57
Barry Pryor  ’64
Paul Rue  ’63
Ronald Wetzel  ’79


1957 & 58 Tennis Doubles
Dr. John Krause ‘58 and Robert Stock ‘58

1959, 60, 61 Basketball Team

Nathaniel Clark  ‘61
William J. “Scrappy” Allen  ‘45

Alice Walton Mansmann
Bruce Weston


SHHS Alumni Association Sports Hall of Fame 2017
The Hall of Fame Committee is pleased to announce that the following are members of this First Class who were inducted into the All Sports Hall of Fame honoring the champions of our youth:
Larry Anderson - Class of 1969
Kirk Bruce -  Class of 1971
Joe Hnath - Class of 1954
Ray Hooper - Class of 1958
Robert Hunt – Class of 1953
Ralph Jelic - Class of 1952
Patricia Stacy Connolly Keating - Class of 1957
Eileen Bradford Livingston - Class of 1948
Harold Martin - Class of 1958
Bryant Salter - Class of 1967
Posthumous Awards
Elmer Gray – Class of 1941
Bob Purkey - Class of 1947
Fred Yee – Class of 1952
Special Recognition
The Big Three  -   Ed Mazeski, Reed Wehrle, Tom Cuddeback